Some good Thai soup



Something this colorful has to taste good

I made this soup for dinner last night, and now posting while I still remember the ingredients!

I like to use prepackaged soups as a starter vehicle for a heartier, more flavorful stew. It takes some of the prep time out of my cooking, makes the idea of prepackaged more appealing (I almost never eat soup as-is, I always gotta “church it up”), and we end up with a kinds of unique concoctions. Most of the time I’m unable to duplicate a recipe, but since I’m writing this one down there’s a 1,000,000% better chance for recreating it!

Here’s what went into my Thai soup:
Started with this base soup from Happy Planet, this a two serving package, another reason to add to it, I like my soup to be enough for 8 servings – or two whole meals (see pic below)
Added 6 small carrots
Half a diced red onion
Half a chopped red pepper
Two stalks celery
Bok choy
1/4 of a chopped red cabbage
1/2 can Organic Coconut milk
Chicken broth
1lb shrimp
Lime juice, cilantro, fresh ginger, and garlic to taste
A big tablespoon full of this leftover lemongrass / basil marinade I had sitting in the fridge waiting me to use it all up…
(Where I don’t list quantities, it’s to whatever soupiness or quantity of vegetable you desire)

Served over jasmine rice, and everyone ate it all up which is a success in our house. Would also be yummy with thin rice noodles.
I think broccoli would be a good addition if you didn’t have cabbage or bok choy. When I make soups I prefer them chunky with a hearty base, so I puréed only half of the first four ingredients after they cooked for a bit, (with some chicken broth) then added it all back into the pot.

Happy cooking!