On unexpected windfalls


This past Monday night the strangest string of events unfolded. I’m no stranger to debt, having paid our way out of too many years of consumer debt mainly in the form of credit cards, we declared ourselves completely debt free early last year. I don’t ever want to go down that road again. Well, the three year old recently had a major dental event arise, and we don’t have dental insurance. In January we discovered his molars were basically rotten, he needed four root canals. We got some financing in place (read:debt) to get the day scheduled. I was feeing wary of the $200/month bill not even inclusive the co-pay from the hospital and the 30% we will be paying for anesthesia and any other costs incurred.
Now, back to Monday. My husband posted our fancy schmancy Bob stroller on craigslist and some people were coming over to take a look. I randomly said / joked that he should post our car to craigslist too. Our friends sold us this second vehicle last summer for a nice low price and it was intended to save me from driving our big monster truck Jeep around. But having a second car is a luxury, and if push came to shove, I’d just as much drive a monster truck instead of losing our inconspicuous silver grand Cherokee in every parking lot. He posted it on craigslist, and less than two hours later it was sold. Cash in hand.
We were able to pay our insurance deductible at the hospital with cash, and will continue on being able to pay the medical bills as they come in.
It’s just funny to me how it all came into play. God ALWAYS has a way of providing, even when that way is unseen by us two days before an anticipated surgery. I’m just so grateful. And I get to continue being the mom with the big red jeep, that’s more my style anyway.
My big guy is healing well, and we’ll keep rolling along…debt free.

20140227-124648.jpg sometimes it’s a monster truck in action on the trail, other times, it’s my commuter car that will NOT get lost in a parking lot