Some days just call for it. I had planned to go to a meeting this morning, as I do at least a couple times a week, but today a hot shower, and lazy morning on the couch called instead. This goes against my natural inclination to go, go, go, and for the fact that I didn’t fight it, I am grateful.
Every year at my church, we have been encouraged to give up and take up something. I never did anything like this growing up, only heard about Catholic friends having to quit eating candy for 40 days and eat fish on Fridays. But I like the practice my church encourages. One year I gave up caffeine, I mean, I was an absolute slave to it, and not having it really changed my perspective. Last year I gave up Facebook. Again, I was letting something control me and I didn’t like the obsession. Doing these practices has left lasting impressions on me. I no longer have to have coffee every single morning, and I don’t get on Facebook to troll around every time there’s a lull in my day.
This year, I was compelled to give up “busy”, and take up “intention”. The weeks leading up to Lent were unusually busy ones for me. I found myself leaving the house every night of the week for one thing or another. This greatly impacted my feeling of balance, and my family suffered the ill effects as well. So here I am about half way through the Lent season, I didn’t ever clear my calendar completely, and I think that’s okay, that wasn’t the intent. I’m more aware of where I am spending my time, more open to mornings like today where I have the choice to be on the go, or to pause, reflect, and relax with a hot cup of tea and no agenda. It sets the tone for a peaceful week for my family and me, and opens the door for creativity because I’ve allowed my brain to catch up and process all that’s going on around me. Whew, feels good!

20140324-111512.jpg the teabags sure do send a clear message