Baking with love


I go through cycles of loving/loathing cooking. I’ve been cooking and baking gluten free since August 2013. (Going off gluten made a huge difference in my energy and overall well being). Hoping that with a blog I can better categorize my recipes, especially when I make changes or add things, or make something from scratch because I think the ingredients will be good together then can’t remember that thing I made that tasted so good when I’m out of ideas or in a loathe cycle.
Enter today’s challenge. My husband and mother-in-law celebrate birthdays three days apart, March 3rd, and 6th. We’ll head up to Thornton tonight to celebrate with dinner and just being together. My MIL asked me to bring dessert since I’m the one with dietary restrictions. (Thankfully my family goes along with my needs, I guess they have to since I’m the one cooking). Leave it to my husband to request angel food cake. Now, I’ve (mostly) successfully baked plenty of dense breads and cakes with my own blend of gluten free flour. But like stated, those were dense breads, easily accommodated to the denser properties of gluten free flour. Angel food cake is the complete opposite of dense, one can’t easily hide mistakes. I’ve made angel food cake from scratch with regular wheat flour, failed miserably, then went to the store to get the box kind. I was feeling a little intimidated.
Well, a key for my gluten free baking is to scour the internet and Pinterest for well-tested methods, then to make sure the person posting the recipe isn’t some highly acclaimed or trained chef, and finally to read all of the comments for any tweaks. Basically, does the recipe translate to my normal kitchen without any high tech gadgets or hard to get ingredients?
This recipe seems to fit the bill. And now I’ve reached that point in the post where you let the pictures do the rest of the talking:

Forming stiff peaks (then being patient enough to gently fold in the flour and sugar blend)

Fresh out of the oven, meaning it still had the potential to collapse

Success! Baked with love. Happy birthday Grandma B and Zach! Can’t wait to celebrate tonight!