Ten Years • An Analogy


March 27 marked a big milestone, our 10 year wedding anniversary! I tagged a social media post with #worthit and had many thoughts as to why.
Recently, I was repairing a quilt we have. My mother-in-law made it for us and gifted it as a wedding present. It was a labor of love birthed from her creativity and skill, and from all these great silk square samples I’d collected over time that were lovingly pieced together, probably the most meaningful present we received. Ten years later, we still use the quilt on our bed pretty regularly. It’s starting to show it’s age…it’s well-worn, fully broken-in, wrestled on with two kids, made up every morning (because I like the feeling my room exudes when I make my bed every day, if I accomplish nothing else, at least my bed is made). A few months ago, my MIL had to be called in to replace a torn piece that came as the result of our three-year-old grabbing the quilt and using it as a handle to climb up onto our bed. Little did I know, it was only the first of many repairs to come.
I was sewing another repair patch on our much-loved quilt the week before our anniversary, and as I was doing so, thought of the years of my marriage. Some are worn and tired years, not seeing eye-to-eye much of the time, growing personally at different paces and in different ways. To put it plainly, marriage is not easy, so as I was diving into sewing these repairs, all these analogies cropped up in my head.
Repairing something in an act of love in itself. It requires focus, determination, participation. It might not turn out how you’d originally anticipated. I had to go back from time-to-time on a stitch here or there. I’m not the best seamstress, so to really slow down and look at the work I was doing as it went along required patience, not of my own understanding or limit. Oh, and once that patch was complete, it wasn’t many days later I started noticing more little holes here and there. Actually, I may not be able to patch all these holes, some may have to remain for the time being, some may require some external help from a professional. It’s overwhelming and I might want to give up if I focus too long on all the flaws. This is where I’m at today. Encouraged at times, doubtful other times. God, please remove my doubts.
So, what about looking at it from another perspective? Overall, it really is a beautiful quilt. Overall, we do have a beautiful marriage. We keep plugging away in our own ways, hopefully, prayerfully, wearing well together, asking for help from others when needed. Inviting God to play the most important part, even if Z doesn’t fully believe. With trust in God, we can weather another ten years…and more.

20140405-013956.jpg patience required

20140405-014150.jpg still holds much beauty, and still worth it!

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