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Having been self-employed for the past 3+ years, I’m finally getting around to branding. New business cards, a website, and all the other collateral that comes with the process. I’m working with a great creative gal on this, and I’m excited about what’s to come. Today, I’ve been pouring over websites and Pinterest for inspiration. I’m about to go cross eyed, as when I get started on these types of things it’s hard for me to stop (although, I have to make dinner soon so that will be a good, forced stopping point). They’ll be more to tell as things roll along, but getting the creative juices flowing is such a fun thing for me that I had to share.
I’m usually the one asking potential clients what they like and why. Why they prefer a specific color over another, what a certain flower or accessory means to them, and so on. Now the tables are turned and I’m the one having to answer those questions, it’s challenging and exciting! Thankful that I don’t have to go it alone and for the countless ideas out there for inspiration.

Being productive on Pinterest earlier today, a great tool when you’re looking for something specific. A great distraction when you’re not.

3 thoughts on “Business stuff

  1. That’s awesome that you’re rebranding your business. Also don’t forget the most important part is planting the seeds of perception. What do you want people to see, feel, smell, and think of you as. Plus what type of experience do you want customers to encounter. Keep up the great work.

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